My name is Jorie Briss and I am an artist from Saguenay, Quebec, Canada.

From  2010 to 2012, I have studied in Visual Arts Technique, at Cegep of Jonquiere. Later, in 2016, I have done a Certificate in Visual Art and Medias, at Laval University of Quebec, Canada. I am now continuing my career as an Illustrator, and continuing my studies in Graphic Design at Laval University of Quebec

I have been taking general arts orders since my technique in 2010. But it's only in January 2017 that I finaly decided to match two of my passion : Arts and Metal Music. 

Being a big fan of Metal music since adolescence, I always loved the artistic and visual aspect surrounding the universe of this style of music. 

With some projects for local groups, my experience in artistic orders, and my interest for Metal and it's visual aspect, I ended up embarking on the illustration of design for bands.